Global Money Services

SKY DEVELOPMENT gives you an easy, safe way to pay and receive money everywhere. Using our service you can receive funds direct to your online merchant account(i.e payza etc) or to your bank account worldwide.

Current Services :

  • Refill or Add Fund your Payza Account
    Want to purchase something using Payza..!!! but unable to add fund...!! Because you dont have credit card. We are here to help you. Transfer your payment direct to our bank account and we can refill your Payza account. Thats very very easy and safe way.
  • Withdraw Paypal or Payza Fund
    We able to withdraw your paypal or payza fund direct to your bank account.
  • Receive fund to your Debit or Credit Card
    We can refill your Visa or Master Card or Maestro Debit or Credit Card instant, anywhere, anytime.
  • Send money online to friends and family
    Easy and fast service to 30 countries, safe and secure.
  • and many more services available

* We only able to provide online money transfer related services. RBI, Banks and other 3rd Party company terms applicable.