Script License Protection System
Script License Protection System is the first stop for webmasters, script distributors and programmers who want to protect their source code from being shared. Script License Protection System is very inexpensive and it gives you peace of mind that your script will only be used upon the domain it was commissioned for.

Why employ the Script License Protection System?

If you're concerned about people taking your code and re-distributing your scripts without your permission, chargebacks after payment and licensing issues then you need Script License Protection System!
We all understand that copyright issues on the Internet with unprotected code is rife, people purchase your code, modify it and sell it on as their own to make profit. Why should you work
hard for other people to simply take away prospective customers and steal your profits? Well you don't have to with our licensing system. We can help you lock it down for good! Script License Protection System is a very simple, yet extremely secure system that almost effortlessly plugs into your existing or new applications code core logic, providing you with license control and enforcement capabilities that until now, has been rare and very difficult to find at a reasonable price..


Prevent theft, misuse of your script.
Protect & manage your valuable scripts.
Lock your script to the domain specified.
Control license remotely.
Have the ability to disable script licenses.
Unlimited license creation allowed.

How it works...

 Our software uses a localkey system to check for license keys always. Below we show you what steps are needed to protect your scripts with Script License Protection System

1. Create your license for required domain using your Script License Protection System account
2. Copy and paste your Special code into files you want to protect ( usually the index.php )
3. Use our PHP Encoder (which is free) to scramle your code.
4. Hand out your scripts without tension.

Rental Version

Rental version is a perfect solution for those who need to protect their source code in a short time and with minimum investments. Rental license means that you will get the script package against a recurring cost.

USD 5.00 / month
USD 50.00 / year

Owned Version

Owned license means that you will get the script package against an one time cost, no recurring or other fees applicable.

USD 250 / onetime

Installation Charge USD 30 extra if required.

Dont have budget, but want to protect your script?
Go with our Byte Encoder Standalone License Protection System.

Scramle your code.
Lock your script to the domain specified.
Have the ability to add license validity.
After license creation Byte Encoder system not required for anything.
Unlimited license creation allowed.
Remote license control system not available.

USD 45 / onetime


Want to know more info or for demo please contact with us.