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"I have had no problems with this great hosting company. Their staff are polite and courteous, and are very efficient at resolving any questions that you may have. They represent quality webhosting a a low price and will continue to have my patronage."

Reviewed by Kayamone Sutton

"Simply "Great !""

Reviewed by Alex 

"I've been with SKY DEVELOPMENT for quite a few years. Through-out this period, they have been outstanding.

Overall, the reliability is great and when I encounter a technical problem their online support is quick, effective and highly knowledgeable."

Reviewed by Brett Johnson

"My only issue is trying to find the login page! Have to go to the "order" link to login. Could it be put on the front page?

Good job!"

Reviewed by Laura Watts

"Un servicio estupendo. La velocidad podría ser mejor.
Estoy muy contento con el trato que se le da a los clientes."

Reviewed by Nacho Caballero

"Very helpful tech support !"

Reviewed by Patti Toroni

"I have an experience of using around 10 or more different hosting providers on the Web but It's about 2 years that I'm in business with SKY DEVELOPMENT and I think it's the best web hosting company that anyone can trust in it's security and support."

Reviewed by Mojtaba

"SKD i really appreciate your service and wish to can continue in good faith as you are doing."

Reviewed by Timson Nill

"They have a great teamwork who provides excelletnt class of technical support. Never been unreachable if there is a problem occurs. Never let me alone. Flexible in payment. and valuable in services of business. Thank you for supporting me always SKD."

Reviewed by Wayan

"I very rarely rate something as all perfect, and indeed SKY hasn't ALWAYS been that way - I'm now a Ded. server, and that has fixed my problems (rather unique situation) - they are truly amazing, and a great value! Support is absolutely stellar!"

Reviewed by Chris
IP on N

"Worlds best dedicated server provider. We are more than 20 month old dedicated server customer.

SKD is awesome.

Good wishes for full SKD team."

Reviewed by Sudipto

"Since 2003 we appreciate this all-inclusive service for our web site needs. The 24/7 live chat support are fast & competent. Finally new unlimited quota on bandwidth, server space & add-on domains keep SKY DEVELOPMENT our top choice."

Reviewed by jayrope

"Overall a good host, however reliability/uptime and server speeds could be better. But really, SKD offers great value for your money with very quick, helpful and friendly support to boost your operation."

Reviewed by Norberg

"What can i say about SKY DEVELOPMENT ? they offer the best customer service you can find on the net....i have several sites hosted with them since more than 6 years...and they are the best!!!! servers have great uptime. Thanks SKY DEVELOPMENT."

Reviewed by Gabriel 

"I completely appreciate the service I receive from SKD. It's always respectful and grade A. Thank you for being on the web for webmasters like myself. You help me provide a better service to my clients.

Thank you"

Reviewed by Virginia Gott 

"I have said this many times: your team is great. Your support team is fast and efficient and I seriously recommend you franchise your training method so other companies learn how customer support SHOULD be done, the SKD way. Thanks and all the best!"

Reviewed by Chris Cottorone 

"They have a great bunch of people leading their company. Their support response was great, I got replies within 5 mins of my queries to their support team.

Previously I used their dedicated server services and I then downsized to VPS, and both are great"

Reviewed by Nabil 

"Good service!"

Reviewed by Tan Dao

"Good and fast responses.
Good billing dept.

More technical support is suggested."

Reviewed by sepehr mohamadi

"i own several dedicated services at SKD. i'm very satisfied"

Reviewed by Ionut 

"After 5 years at home, I believe that SKY DEVELOPMENT is the best hoster:

Reliable hardware

Regular updates

And the ultimate:

A technical team great both the jurisdiction that the speed.

In 5 years, not the least fault and the problems I have"

Reviewed by ALBIE Alain 

"I'm glad that I decided to go with SKY DEVELOPMENT and I'm happy with its hosting service. I use it for a couple of years and didn't have any problems with it. "

Reviewed by Tim 

"Didn't really have a chance to use your service very much, but the responsiveness and attention to my situation was excellent

Reviewed by Tim Mallett 

"SKD have always been willing to go above and beyond my expectations. Having been a customer since 2007 we have only had a few minor hiccups and SKD has always been very helpful in resolving them."

Reviewed by Eden 

"Max worked with us for 2 days straight while he migrated a very large account from one VPS to another and we can say enough good things about Max and the experience. This is why we have been and will continue to be SKY DEVELOPMENT customers."

Reviewed by Dave Kerzner 

"These guys are great! I recommend them to anyone. They have helped me go from shared to VPS now to Dedicated. They helped my company grow! Its like having my own IT Staff there is nothing these guys have not been able to figure out yet!"

Reviewed by scott eagle 

"Great host, would recommend them to anyone! The service is top notch, always available to assist and willing to help, even on weekends and holidays. Very impressive!"

Reviewed by Beth Gardner

"Since dealt with the trap Alistdvp for the first time I meet companies interested in customers interested in the time is one of the most important factors of our success and avoid all risks when the time is wasted in vain"

Reviewed by mohamed 

"I love support, friendly and you have a feeling of being cared. Helped with script install. Recommended for newbies like me."

Reviewed by Pavel Siomin 

"SKY DEVELOPMENT maintain a generally high level of custome support and server features are more impressive than several others I have tried. I've just upgraded to a dedicated server with just a few hiccups, but no downtime, and plan to phase out my old hosts."

Reviewed by Anthony Wolf