Web Development

Low Cost Web Development


Your website should look professional, be available all the time, and be written to SELL so that you get some business out of it. We can help you do it the right way - the way that gets results!  Below are some website development costs.

Initial Consultation - FREE!

  • You can show us what you want, and we will suggest ways to do it properly.
    • How to take great pictures.
    • How to write text that sells.
    • How to save money in domain hosting and name registration.
    • Then, you can decide whether you want us to help you.
    • If you don't know anything about the Internet or marketing, we will explain things in layman's terms, not in "tecky" terms!

Prices are approximate because of many variables. How fast do you need it? How much development needs to be done? Who is going to supply the text and photos? Don't forget that promotion of your website is as important as having a website. In our opinion, there is little use for a website that no one visits. We want to see your website succeed as much as you do! Having visitors coming to your website in a buying mood - that is what we want to happen for your website.

Web Development Package Starting - USD 99*


Custom/Static Webpage Development

Complete Package with special template design.

Payment Gateway Integration

Paypal, Alertpay, MoneyBookers, CCAvenue, EBS, TimesMoney, ICICI Payseal, HDFC Bank & others etc.

Search Engine

Search engine with powered by other search engine.
Example : Google.Com, etc

Search Engine Special

Search engine with internal engine and advertise,directory module.
Example : Google.Com,, etc

Short URL

Example :, etc

Email Site/Provider

Example :, etc

Matrimony Site

Example : Shaadi.Com,, etc

Friendship Site

Example :,,, etc

Shopping Site

Example :, etc

Auction Site

Example :, etc

Blog Site

Example :, etc

Classifieds Site

Example : Craigslist.Com, etc

Classifieds Search Special Site

Example : JustDial.Com, Olx.Com etc

Freelance Site

Example :, etc

Forum Site

Example :,, etc

Micro Blog Site

Example :,, etc

Photo Gallery Site

Example :, etc

GuestBook Site

Example :,

Job Site

Job site with online search, online job posting, online apply, admin features and many more.

Job Site Special

Example :,, etc

Pay Per Click Site

Example :, etc

Bux Site

Example :, etc

Short Url To Cash

Example :

Paid To Read Email Site

Example :, etc

Domain Trader/Parking Site

Example :, etc

File Sharing Site

Example :, etc

Video Site

Example :,, etc

Faq Manager

Example :

Question & Answer Site

Example :, etc

Support Ticket System

Example :, etc

Advertise Earning Setup

Advertise Earning Setup(Pay Per Click Earning)
Earn Money from advertise using your new or existing website
We can setup or develop auto advertise system for your website if you want to earn money through advertise program(advertiser, publisher).

Note - 100% payment in advance. If order value more than USD 300 in that case 80% Payment in advance, rest 20% during delivery. Sky Development Copyright License available with all development free of cost. To know more please contact with us. * All are approx rates. Rates depend on total requirement.